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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Converts a character sequence to a long long.

long long stoll(
    const string& _Str, 
    size_t *_Idx = 0,
    int _Base = 10
long long stoll(
    const wstring& _Str, 
    size_t *_Idx = 0,
    int _Base = 10




The character sequence to be converted.


The index value of the first unconverted character.


The number base to use.

The long long value.

The function converts the sequence of elements in _Str to a value _Val of type long long as if by calling strtoll(_Str.c_str(), _Eptr, _Base), where _Eptr is an object internal to the function. If _Str.c_str() == *_Eptr it throws an object of type invalid_argument. If such a call would set errno, it throws an object of type out_of_range. Otherwise, if _Idx is not a null pointer, the function stores *_Eptr - _Str.c_str() in *_Idx and returns _Val.

Header: <string>

Namespace: std