This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Activities.Presentation.Model Namespace

Contains classes that enable you to work with model items in the model tree of the designer such as accessing the model items properties and attached properties. Also, provides functionality to manage the model tree.

Public classAttachedPropertiesServiceAttaches properties to the current instance.
Public classAttachedPropertyUsed in order to associate or attach additional information to the instance of an object.
Public classAttachedProperty<T>Contains a collection of attached properties.
Public classAttachedPropertyInfoProvides properties of an attached property.
Public classAttachedPropertyInfo<T>Provides properties of an attached property.
Public classChangeAbstract class that, when implemented, describes a change to the model tree.
Public classEditingScopeAn editing scope represents a collection of changes to the ModelItem tree that can be committed or rolled back as one atomic unit of work.
Public classEditingScopeEventArgsProvides data for the EditingScopeCompleted event.
Public classModelEditingScopeRepresents a group of changes to the editing store. Change groups are transactional. The changes made under an editing scope can be committed or aborted as a unit.
Public classModelFactoryCreates instances of ModelItem objects in the designer.
Public classModelItemRepresents a single item in the editing model. An item can be anything from a complex data structure down to a color or integer.
Public classModelItemCollectionRepresents a collection of model items that can be individually accessed by index.
Public classModelItemDictionaryDerives from ModelItem and implements support for a dictionary of key/value pairs.
Public classModelItemExtensionsImplements extensions to the base model item.
Public classModelMemberCollection<TItemType, TFindType>An abstract base class that ModelPropertyCollection derives from.
Public classModelPropertyA ModelProperty represents a property on a ModelItem. Model properties are associated with an instance of an item, which allows them to have simple Value get/set properties instead of using the more cumbersome GetValue/SetValue mechanism of PropertyDescriptor.
Public classModelPropertyCollectionContains an enumeration of properties.
Public classModelTreeManagerProvides the root model item and the model service, and enables you to sync the model tree with the XAML text.
Public classMorphHelperA helper class used to update model item references and properties.

Public delegatePropertyValueMorphHelperRepresents a delegate that is used to reference the method that handles type conversions for ModelItem property values.

Public enumerationCreateOptionsUsed by a ModelFactory instance to specify how to create a new item.