ModelItem.BeginEdit Method (String)

.NET Framework (current version)

Opens an editing scope for the designer. After an editing scope is open, all changes across all objects will be saved into the scope until the transaction is completed or reverted. Editing scopes can be nested, but must be committed in order.

Namespace:   System.Activities.Presentation.Model
Assembly:  System.Activities.Presentation (in System.Activities.Presentation.dll)

public abstract ModelEditingScope BeginEdit(
	string description


Type: System.String

An optional description of the change. This will be set into the Description property of the editing scope.

Return Value

Type: System.Activities.Presentation.Model.ModelEditingScope

A ModelEditingScope, which must be either completed or reverted.

An editing scope allows multiple changes to the model to be applied as a single transaction. All of the changes made within the editing scope can be reverted at any time before the transaction is completed.

Editing scopes are global to the designer. An editing scope can be created for any item in the designer; you do not need to create an editing scope for the specific item you are changing.

.NET Framework
Available since 4.0
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