Migrating Management Agents to Server Core

Existing management agents may require changes to run on Server Core. The following list summarizes the changes required to migrate a management agent to Server Core.

  • Remove any managed code and replace with native code.
  • Remove any calls to functions that are not supported by Server Core. To verify that a function called by your management agent runs on Server Core, check that the function name appears in Server Core Functions by Name or Server Core Functions by DLL.
  • Remove any dependencies on the GUI. The management agent must not require the GUI to be displayed locally.
  • Remove any interactive components.
  • Test the management agent on Server Core.

Remote management applications must use a protocol supported by Server Core, such as RPC. Protocols supported by Server Core are listed in the topic DLLs Included with Server Core.

For more information, see Developing Applications for Server Core.

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