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<alg> move


Move elements associated with a specified range.

template<class InputIterator, class OutputIterator>
    OutputIterator move(
        InputIterator _First, 
        InputIterator _Last,
        OutputIterator _Dest


An input iterator that indicates where to start the range of elements to move.


An input iterator that indicates the end of a range of elements to move.


The output iterator that is to contain the moved elements.

Returns an output iterator to the first element that was not moved.

The template function evaluates *(_Dest + N) = bfa07080-5187-4aa7-87b5-d2d2a3fc65ab(*(_First + N))) once for each N in the range [0, _Last - _First), for strictly increasing values of N starting with the lowest value. It then returns _Dest + N. If _Dest and _First designate regions of storage, _Dest must not be in the range [_First, _Last).


Header: <algorithm>

Namespace: std