At every stage from development through deployment and operations, you’ll find that Windows Server 2008 is a great platform for your server applications. Visual Studio and the .NET Framework make it easy to get started, from IntelliSense, refactoring, and testing support to the many libraries from Microsoft as well as third parties. With ASP.NET, WCF, and Message Queuing, your application’s communication needs will be satisfied, and you can secure and personalize your applications by using the latest in claims-based, federated identity. With a reliable file system, transaction support, and many options for threading and parallelizing algorithms, you can build an application that scales well and can recover from crashes cleanly. Windows Server 2008 makes it easy to integrate workflow concepts into your application, and that story is only getting better over time. Management features in Windows Server 2008 are easy to integrate using managed code, and IIS provides a great hosting environment.

Windows Server 2008 provides everything you need to build great server applications, and the investments you make in those applications today will continue to pay off as future technologies are released on the platform. Get started today!