Setting up source control on your computer

To take advantage of the benefits of Team Foundation source control, you must first configure Microsoft Expression Web to use it.

You must install the following items in the order listed before you can use Team Foundation source control:

  1. Microsoft Team Explorer 2008.

  2. Visual Studio 2008 SP1.


    If you installed Visual Studio 2008 and the service pack before upgrading to Visual Studio Team System 2008, you will need to install the service pack again to upgrade the Team Foundation features of Visual Studio.

  3. Install the Team Foundation update (KB967483).

You must create a Team Foundation workspace before you can use Team Foundation source control in Expression Web.

  1. On the Start menu, click All Programs, point to Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, point to Visual Studio Tools, and then click Visual Studio Command Prompt.

  2. Type the following, where path is the location of a directory in which to store your personal copy of the files in the server (for example, c:\projects):

    mkdir path

  3. Type the following, where path is the directory that you just created:

    cd path

  4. Type the following, where servername is the name of your Team Foundation Server (for example, team1server):

    tf workspace /new /s:servername

  5. In the Add Workspace dialog box, with the Name box filled in correctly, click OK.

  1. In Expression Web, click Site, and then click New Site.

  2. Browse to a location that is in the project workspace and create the new site there.

  3. In the Folder List panel, right-click the root folder of your site and click Add to Source Control.

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