Adding CSS layout pages

Expression Studio 4.0

Microsoft Expression Web provides several cascading style sheet–based page layouts that cover the most common web layout structures and that can easily be customized.

To create a new layout

  1. On the File menu, click New.

  2. In the New dialog box, on the Page tab, click CSS Layouts.

    When you click the name of a CSS layout on the right, a preview of the associated layout appears. In the preview image, columns that have a fixed width appear dark gray with a solid horizontal line spanning their middle. Columns that change size according to the width of the browser window appear light gray and have a dotted line with arrows at both ends spanning their middle.

  3. Select the CSS layout you want, and then click OK. Expression Web generates an HTML file and a linked cascading style sheet that contains the style rules that control the layout.

To change the appearance of an element in your page layout, and to set its default font properties, select the element you want to change. In either the Apply Styles panel or the CSS Properties panel, right-click the active style and select Modify Style.


An element can exist inside other elements, especially in complex layouts. Use Design view to help select only the element that you want to change.

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