Sets the dimensions, orientation, and margins of a page box in a style sheet.

@page sPageSelector { sRules }


String that specifies one of the following page types:


Rule applies to the first page in the collection.


Rule applies to pages on the left side of the binding (verso pages).


Rule applies to pages on the right side of the binding (recto pages).


String that specifies one or more rules in a style sheet.

The rule has no default value.

The page box is a rectangular region that contains two areas, the page area and the margin area. The page area contains the page's contents, such as text and graphics, and the margin area surrounds the page's contents.

Although @page rules are represented in the cascading style sheets object model, the rules are not used by the default print template for Internet Explorer. The rules can be used by print templates developed for applications that host MSHTML. Attributes such as size and margin, which are not explicitly supported, are exposed as expando properties in these applications.

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