Artboard modifier keys

Some keyboard shortcuts do not have associated menu items, which means that you can't use the Expression Blend user interface to discover them. The following table lists shortcuts that modify an action, such as resizing an object.

To do this action

Do this

Temporarily select the Selection tool while a different tool remains selected (this reduces the number of times you have to click something in the Tools panel, going back and forth between the Selection tool and others)

Hold down CTRL

Nudge selected objects while the Selection tool is selected

Press the arrow keys

Pan the artboard

Hold down SPACEBAR and drag the artboard

Zoom in and out on the artboard

Rotate the mouse wheel

Zoom in on the artboard

Hold down CTRL+SPACEBAR while clicking anywhere on the artboard

Zoom out on the artboard

Hold down CTRL+ALT+SPACEBAR while clicking anywhere on the artboard

Move the artboard left and right

Hold down SHIFT and rotate the mouse wheel

Move the artboard up and down

Hold down CTRL and rotate the mouse wheel

Constrain proportions of objects being drawn or transformed

Hold down SHIFT

Rotate an object in 15-degree increments

Hold down SHIFT

Duplicate an object

Hold down ALT and drag the object

Reparent an object

Drag the object over a layout panel and press ALT before releasing the mouse button

Select multiple objects

Hold down CTRL while selecting each object

Select multiple adjacent objects

Hold down SHIFT while selecting the first and last objects

Select by drawing a marquee

Hold down SHIFT and drag

Select an object underneath another object

Hold down ALT and click once for each layer of objects

Switch between open documents


Open the Assets panel


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