MailboxProcessor.Start<'Msg> Method (F#)

MailboxProcessor.Start<'Msg> Method (F#)


Creates and starts an agent.

Namespace/Module Path: Microsoft.FSharp.Control

Assembly: FSharp.Core (in FSharp.Core.dll)

// Signature:
static member Start : (MailboxProcessor<'Msg> -> Async<unit>) * ?CancellationToken -> MailboxProcessor<'Msg>

// Usage:
MailboxProcessor.Start (body)
MailboxProcessor.Start (body, cancellationToken = cancellationToken)


Type: MailboxProcessor<'Msg> -> Async<unit>

The function to produce an asynchronous computation that will be executed as the read loop for the MailboxProcessor when Start is called.


Type: CancellationToken

An optional cancellation token for the body. The default is Async.DefaultCancellationToken.

The body function is used to generate the asynchronous computation executed by the agent.

The following code example shows how to start a mailbox processor agent. In this example, each line of input from the console is posted to a message queue. The program reads each message and replies by using a reply channel. When the special message "Stop" is received, the Stop reply is sent and the program exits.

open System

type Message = string * AsyncReplyChannel<string>

let formatString = "Message number {0} was received. Message contents: {1}"

let printThreadId note =

    // Append the thread ID.
    printfn "%d : %s" System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId note

let agent = MailboxProcessor<Message>.Start(fun inbox ->
    let rec loop n =
        async {
                let! (message, replyChannel) = inbox.Receive();
                printThreadId "MailboxProcessor"
                if (message = "Stop") then
                    replyChannel.Reply(String.Format(formatString, n, message))
                do! loop (n + 1)
    loop 0)

printfn "Mailbox Processor Test"
printfn "Type some text and press Enter to submit a message."
printfn "Type 'Stop' to close the program."

let rec loop() =
    printf "> "
    let input = Console.ReadLine()
    printThreadId("Console loop")
    let reply = agent.PostAndReply(fun replyChannel -> input, replyChannel)
    if (reply <> "Stopping.") then
        printfn "Reply: %s" reply

printfn "Press Enter to continue."
Console.ReadLine() |> ignore

Following is an example session.

Mailbox Processor TestType some text and press Enter to submit a message.Type 'Stop' to close the program.> hello1 : Console loop4 : mailboxProcessorReply: Message number 0 was received. Message contents: hello> testing1 : Console loop3 : mailboxProcessorReply: Message number 1 was received. Message contents: testing> hello?1 : Console loop4 : mailboxProcessorReply: Message number 2 was received. Message contents: hello?> testing 1 2 31 : Console loop3 : mailboxProcessorReply: Message number 3 was received. Message contents: testing 1 2 3> Stop1 : Console loop4 : mailboxProcessorPress Enter to continue.

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