This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Lifecycle Management for Data-tier Applications

Visual Studio 2010
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To create and manage databases using the latest version of Data Tier Applications (DACPAC), install the most recent release of SQL Server Data Tools from Get Started with Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools.

Data-tier Application (DAC) projects leverage the functionality of the other SQL Server database project types in Visual Studio. Developers using Visual Studio Team System can use the general lifecycle management features available in that environment, such as source code control, schema compare, and static code analysis.

The following table lists the topics describing the lifecycle management features of database projects that also apply to DAC projects.

Common tasks

Supporting content

Convert between DAC and database projects

Put a DAC project under version control

Refactoring DAC code

Reduce the effort required and the probability of error when making changes, such as name changes, that affect many objects in a project.

Compare schemas

You can compare the schemas generated by two DAC projects, or between a DAC project and a database project.

Perform static analysis of DAC code

Perform unit testing