CorrelatesOn Definition Dialog Box


The CorrelatesOn dialog box is used in Windows Workflow Designer to edit the CorrelatesOn property of a Receive activity. For more information, see the Receive topic.

The correlation between Receive activities specifies how different service operations connect with each other in a workflow.

The following table describes the user interface (UI) elements of the CorrelatesOn dialog box.

UI ElementDescription
CorrelatesWithThe CorrelationHandle that is used to route the message to the appropriate workflow instance.
XPath QueriesA key/value pair that contains the queries used to extract correlation data from the incoming messages. This corresponds to the CorrelatesOn property. The XPath queries are contained in a MessageQuerySet object.

The Receive activity designer can be dragged from the Toolbox and dropped on to the Workflow Designer surface wherever activities are usually placed. This creates a Receive activity with a default DisplayName of Receive. Select the Receive activity designer and click the ellipsis button next to the (Collection) text for the CorrelatesOn property in the property grid for the CorrelatesOn Definition dialog box to appear.

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