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Defining a Data Service (ADO.NET Data Services)

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This topic describes new functionality in ADO.NET Data Services that is available as an update to the .NET Framework version 3.5 Service Pack 1. You can download and install the update from the Microsoft Download Center.

This section describes how to create and configure a data service.

Configuring the Data Service (ADO.NET Data Services)

Describes the data service configuration options provided by ADO.NET Data Services.

Data Services Providers (ADO.NET Data Services)

Describes the provider models for exposing data as a data service.

Service Operations (ADO.NET Data Services)

Describes how to define service operations that expose methods on the server.

Feed Customization (ADO.NET Data Services)

Describes how to create a mapping between entities in the data model defined by the data service provider and elements in the data feed.

Interceptors (ADO.NET Data Services)

Describes how to define interceptor methods to perform custom business logic on requests to the data service.

Hosting the Data Service (ADO.NET Data Services)

Describes how to select a host for your data service.

Working with Multiple Versions of ADO.NET Data Services

Describes how to work with different versions of the Open Data Protocol (OData).

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