concurrent_queue::concurrent_queue Constructor

Constructs a concurrent queue.

explicit concurrent_queue(
   const allocator_type &_Al = allocator_type()
   typename _Ty,
   class _Ax
   const concurrent_queue& _Queue,
   const allocator_type& _Al = allocator_type()
   typename _InputIterator


The type of the input iterator that specifies a range of values.


The allocator class to use with this object.


The source concurrent_queue object to copy elements from.


Position of the first element in the range of elements to be copied.


Position of the first element beyond the range of elements to be copied.

All constructors store an allocator object _Al and initialize the queue.

The first constructor specifies an empty initial queue and explicitly specifies the allocator type to be used.

The second constructor specifies a copy of the concurrent queue _OtherQ.

The third constructor specifies values supplied by the iterator range [_Begin, _End).

Header: concurrent_queue.h

Namespace: Concurrency

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