Publishing Status panel

Expression Studio 4.0

The Publishing Status panel displays file transfer status when you publish a site. When you have finished publishing, you can select different views in the Publishing Status panel to display a full Log, logs of just the file transfers that Completed, or logs of the file transfers that Failed.



The Queue displays only the files that haven't been published. The progress bar is displayed while a file is being published. Files that are queued for publishing display a dash (-) character in the Progress column.


While the publishing operation is in progress, you can scroll down the Queue to see all the files that haven't yet been published.


Click the tabs at the bottom of the Publishing panel to select one of the following lists:

  • The Queue tab displays the files waiting to be published. It is displayed by default.

  • The Failed tab displays a list of any files that were not published successfully.

  • The Completed tab displays a list of all files that transferred correctly.

  • The Log tab displays a complete log of the publishing operation.

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