Preview pages in Snapshot

With Snapshot, you can see how your page renders in the browser of your choice, right inside Microsoft Expression Web. Just like with other panels, you can move it and dock it wherever you like.

You can preview ASP.NET, or PHP web pages by using Microsoft Expression Development Server. The Expression Development Server is installed when you install Expression Web. If you need to repair or reinstall Expression Development Server, see Installing Expression Development Server.

For more information about previewing ASP.NET or PHP web pages, see Previewing an ASP.NET page or Previewing a PHP page.

For information about using a custom URL for preview, see Preview pages in a browser.

  • On the Panels menu, click Snapshot. The Snapshot panel appears.

  • On the View menu, click Page, and then click Snapshot.

When Always Preview Active Document is on, the Snapshot view updates every time you select the tab of an open page or open a new page.

  • Click the Always Preview Active Document button Ee341483.c1052b0d-d843-4b0e-8650-d0834188b521(en-us,Expression.30).png to turn active document preview on.

  • Click the Always Preview Active Document button Ee341483.1d5da8e9-73b5-409d-a7f2-17f535f0b4fe(en-us,Expression.30).png to turn active document preview off.

Other Snapshot options

You can perform the following actions:

  • Select from a list of installed browsers.

  • Change the browser size.

  • Move the Snapshot panel and dock it in another area of Expression Web.

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