Preview a prototype

Once you have created a prototype in SketchFlow, you can build the project, and then view the project in the SketchFlow Player, a stand-alone runtime environment that plays the application flow as it was designed.

In the early stages of prototyping, the SketchFlow Player features are very useful. In later stages, you can choose to display fewer options, which can sometimes be helpful. You can configure SketchFlow Player options by clicking SketchFlow Project Settings on the Tools menu. Changes to SketchFlow Project Settings apply to the current project only.

For more information, see Modify the SketchFlow project settings.

To run a prototype in the SketchFlow Player

  • Build the project by pressing F5. The SketchFlow Player will open when the project build is finished.

    In the SketchFlow Player, the first screen appears in the middle of the artboard. The prototype screens appear as tabs with navigation commands in the Navigate panel. You can use the navigation commands to click through the prototype.


    If Hide Navigation panel is selected in the SketchFlow Project Settings, the Navigate panel won't appear when you start the SketchFlow Player.

    For more information, see Modify the SketchFlow project settings.

In addition to clicking through the project, you can view the application flow, including zooming into or panning through it. For more information, see Preview the application flow.

You can also leave comments directly in the prototype while viewing the project in the SketchFlow Player. For more information, see Leave feedback for a prototype.

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