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Package a prototype

Package a prototype

You can quickly and easily package your prototype to distribute to stakeholders for review, in order to collect feedback. Because all the project files, including the SketchFlow Player, are included in the package, reviewers do not have to have Microsoft Expression Blend in order to be able to view the prototype files. Feedback left in the files can be saved and returned to the designer as a separate file that can be opened in Microsoft Expression Blend when working in a SketchFlow project.

For more information about leaving feedback, see Leave feedback for a prototype.

To package a SketchFlow project

  1. With the SketchFlow project that you want to distribute open, on the File menu, click Package SketchFlow Project.

  2. In the Package SketchFlow Project dialog box, type a name for the folder in the Folder name box, and then click Browse to browse to the location where you want to save the packaged files. Click OK.


    When you publish a prototype to a SharePoint site or package a prototype for distribution, a prototype revision number is automatically incremented and appended to the file name.

    You can display the revision number in the branding box by using the branding options in the SketchFlow Project Settings (available on the Project menu). For more information about branding the SketchFlow Player, see Branding the SketchFlow Player.

You can now share the location of the files with reviewers, publish the files to a network that reviewers can access, or save the files to a portable storage device to distribute the files to reviewers.

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