Managing IIS Hosting

On Windows Server, BizTalk Server RFID uses Internet Information Services (IIS) for hosting device providers and RFID processes. A dedicated application pool is created for each RFID process and device provider.

The default settings are as follows:

  • Application pool idle time-out value = 0

    This value disables this setting. The worker process is used by BizTalk Server RFID to perform additional tasks that are not known to IIS. Therefore, do not modify this value.

  • Maximum worker process per application pool = 1

    Device providers and RFID processes maintain stateful operations that are difficult to maintain across multiple worker processes. Hence the maximum worker process setting is kept as 1. Do not modify this value.

Even though this has been checked in the Operational Readiness phase, it is key to adjust this value based on the runtime configuration.

When you have a system deployed, make sure that the worker threads are configured according to the guidance from Contention, poor performance, and deadlocks when you make Web service requests from ASP.NET applications (

To configure the worker threads
  1. Go to C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\CONFIG

  2. Configure maxConnection, maxWorkerThreads, maxIOThreads, minFreeThreads, and minLocalRequestFreeThreads as suggested in the article Improving ASP.NET Performance (

  3. In addition, increase the minWorkerThreads and minIOThreads for better performance. (These values indicate the minimum number of threads created when the process starts, and thus save time at a later stage when new threads are required.)

  4. Remove the "AutoConfig=True" setting from the ProcessModel section. With this attribute set to True, none of the preceding settings would take effect.