Server Deployment

This section is for planning the hardware requirements and deployment topology in production. When moving from the Pilot phase to the wider deployment, it is critical to understand the physical servers network layout and the software installed across the various site locations.

The key aspects that need to be considered are:

  • Server computer configuration: processor (speed, architecture), architecture, network cards, memory, storage system

  • High availability configuration

  • Performance requirements

  • Ease of operations and maintenance

  • Corporate policy regarding security settings such as firewalls

We recommend a computer running Microsoft Windows Server® with a minimum CPU of 2 GHz and memory of at least 2 GB dedicated to BizTalk Server RFID.

BizTalk Server RFID can run on computers of lower configuration and on Microsoft Windows Vista® or Microsoft Windows® XP platforms. We do not recommend this configuration for production deployment.

This section discusses ways in which BizTalk Server RFID can be deployed. The type of deployment chosen will impact the latency of event processing.

Edge Deployment

We recommend that you deploy the BizTalk Server RFID runtime at the edge network because it is critical in cases of low-latency scenarios (for example, turning on light stacks, triggering alerts based on motion sensors). This can be a warehouse or a shop floor to enable quick business decisions based on interactions with the physical devices. This also allows reliable network connectivity between the server and devices, which enables easier device management and administration. In addition, certain device providers require opening specific ports on the host computer and do not work with IPSec turned on. Making these changes on the edge server is easier with less impact on the corporate network.

Data Center Deployment

Although deploying BizTalk Server RFID in a data center is supported, you need to think about the network traffic load from the readers that can be running in a location several miles away. Additional device tuning knobs for filtering data should be applied as mitigation. In general, this deployment works well when devices are simply sending scanned filtered data to a central location without requiring real-time business decisions at the edge. Certain operations in BizTalk Server RFID require a local administrator privilege. These operations are some of the initial RFID administrative bootstrapping operations such as starting and stopping RFID processes. Depending on the security restrictions policy for computers, these operations will impact choosing a particular deployment over another. For more information, refer to Security.

Virtualized Environment

BizTalk Server RFID has been validated to run in a virtualized environment using Hyper-V and Microsoft Virtual Server.

For information about the support policy for running BizTalk Server in a virtualization environment, see Microsoft BizTalk Server supportability on a virtual machine (

It is important to understand the various accounts that are required to run a deployment of BizTalk Server RFID. For more information, see Checklist: Configuring Security Privileges.