Planning the Environment for BizTalk Server RFID

A typical RFID project goes through the following stages:

  • Proof of concept (POC). Provides validation of the technology to solve the business problem. This could be a single-computer deployment of BizTalk Server RFID, possibly in a virtualized environment, showcasing the basic product capabilities.

  • Pilot. A small-scale rollout to production with limited functionality targeted to run for a reasonable time. This deployment usually serves as an alternative to an existing business process or solution. The goal is to understand challenges or make adjustments before deploying to production.

  • Deployment to production. Large rollout of the extensive solution to several sites.

  • Operations phase. Maintaining the solution and infrastructure to make sure that the system is functioning correctly.

This topic applies to the planning stage before deploying the system to production. It is targeted toward BizTalk Server RFID administrators and developers involved in this process.

The following diagram shows the various elements involved in planning the environment:


The elements shown in this diagram should not be confused with the stages of a typical deployment that are discussed above. For more information about planning, see the topics in this section.