Checklist: Configuring Internet Information Services

This topic lists steps that should be followed when preparing Internet Information Services (IIS) for use in a production BizTalk Server environment.

Steps Reference

Set up IIS to publish BizTalk Server Web services and WCF services

Verify that BizTalk Server Web services and WCF services are working correctly.

Lock down BizTalk Server Web services:

  • Turn off the Debug switch in the web.config or machine.config file.

  • Configure so that POST is the only verb allowed.

Configure load balancing by using NLB (or other load balancer) to balance load across BizTalk Server Web services and WCF services.

Change IIS and ASP.NET settings for tuning Web services.

ASP.NET 2.0 includes auto-tuning, so modifying these settings should not be needed for the web.config file of ASP.NET 2.0 Web sites where autoConfig is enabled in the <processModel> section. “autoConfig=true” is the default setting.

See "Configuration Parameters that Affect Adapter Performance" (review the "ASP.NET settings that can impact HTTP or SOAP Adapter performance" section of this topic) at

Implement an approach for publishing BizTalk Server Web services and WCF services.

Follow best practices for optimizing IIS performance.

See "Top Ten Ways To Pump Up IIS Performance" at

Follow best practices for writing high performance web applications for IIS.

See "10 Tips for Writing High-Performance Web Applications" at