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The VSPerfASPNetCmd.exe command line tool allows you to profile ASP.Net websites without requiring that you set environment variables or restart your computer. Use VSPerfASPNetCmd.exe instead of VSPerfCmd when you are profiling ASP.NET websites and you do not need the additional functionality provided by VSPerCmd. For more information about VSPerfASPNetCmd, see Rapid Web Site Profiling with VSPerfASPNETCmd. VSPerfASPNetCmd is the preferred command line tool to use when you are using the standalone profiler to profile an ASP.NET Web site.

vsperfaspnetcmd [/Options] Website

/Sample or /sProfiles website by using the sampling method. /Sample is the default method. /Sample cannot be used with /Trace.
/Trace or /tProfiles website by using the instrumentation method. /Trace cannot be used with /Sample.
/Memory[:Type]or /m[:{a|l}]Profiles memory allocation and optionally profiles object lifetimes (garbage collection). /Memory can be used with the sampling or the instrumentation method.

 Type can be one of the following:

- allocation (or a) collects memory allocation data only.
- lifetime (or l) collects memory allocation and object lifetime data.

The default Type is allocation.
/Tip or /iAdds detailed ASP.NET request and ADO.NET call information to the profiling data. /Tip can be used with the sampling or the instrumentation method, and it can be used with the /Memory option.
/Output: File or /o:FileSpecifies the path and file name of the profiling data (.vsp) file.
/NoWait or /nReturns the command prompt immediately so that additional commands can be used in the command prompt window. You must type VSPerfASPNETCmd /Shutdown on a separate command line to turn profiling off.
/PackSymbols[:{on|off}or /p[:{on|off}Embeds symbols (function and paramater names, etc.) in profiling data (.vsp) file.
/Shutdown: Websiteor /d:WebsiteTurns profiling off. Use as the only option on a command line after using the /NoWait option to start profiling, or if the profiler ends unexpectedly. Specify the same url that you used in the original VSPerfASPNETCmd command.
WebsiteThe url of the website to be profiled.

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