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wbuffer_convert Class


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Describes a stream buffer that controls the transmission of elements to and from a byte stream buffer.

template <class Codecvt, class Elem = wchar_t, class Traits = std::char_traits<Elem>>
class wbuffer_convert
 : public std::basic_streambuf<Elem, Traits>


CodecvtThe locale facet that represents the conversion object.
ElemThe wide-character element type.
TraitsThe traits associated with Elem.

This template class describes a stream buffer that controls the transmission of elements of type _Elem, whose character traits are described by the class Traits, to and from a byte stream buffer of type std::streambuf.

Conversion between a sequence of Elem values and multibyte sequences is performed by an object of class Codecvt<Elem, char, std::mbstate_t>, which meets the requirements of the standard code-conversion facet std::codecvt<Elem, char, std::mbstate_t>.

An object of this template class stores:

  • A pointer to its underlying byte stream buffer

  • A pointer to the allocated conversion object (which is freed when the wbuffer_convert