Managing Orchestrations

After the Microsoft® BizTalk® Server environment has been set up, a solutions developer uses BizTalk Explorer to deploy and bind assemblies containing orchestrations, pipelines, and other items. Bound orchestrations appear under the orchestrations node in the BizTalk Administration console. You enlist bound orchestrations so that they can process messages.

Administrators use the BizTalk Administration console or Microsoft Windows® Management Instrumentation (WMI) to enlist, start, stop, and unenlist orchestrations.

For information about using WMI to manage orchestrations, see MSBTS_Orchestration (WMI).

For information about using WMI to enlist an orchestration, see Enlist Orchestration (BizTalk Server Sample).

Orchestrations listed in the BizTalk Administration console are in one of the following states:

  • Unbound. The orchestration is not bound to its required ports. A solutions developer must use BizTalk Explorer to bind the orchestration to its required ports.
  • Bound. The Orchestration is bound to its required ports. You can use the BizTalk Administration console to enlist this orchestration.
  • Started. The orchestration is running.
  • Stopping. The orchestration is running and attempting to stop. Dependent processes are not yet complete.
  • Stopped. The orchestration has stopped.

For more information about orchestrations, see Defining Business Processes.

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