About Host Instances

Administrators use the BizTalk Administration console or Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) to create, modify, and delete host instances.

A host instance is the physical installation of a host in a BizTalk Server. An administrator uses Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) or the BizTalk Administration console to install host instances. A BizTalk Server can support multiple host instances.

A host instance displays the following statuses in the Status column in the results pane:

  • Start pending. This status is displayed when you have started the host instance. However, there is some delay between starting the host instance and the change taking effect. You might have to click the refresh button to see the change in status.
  • Running. The host instance is currently running.
  • Stopped. The host instance is currently stopped.
  • Status Unavailable. The host instance displays this status when the host instance install or uninstall fails, or when BizTalk Server cannot retrieve the status of the host (for example, if the host is an Isolated host and the processes it contains are external to BizTalk Server).

A host instance displays the following statuses in the Installation Status column in the results pane:

  • Installation failed. BizTalk Server could not install the host instance (for example, network problems interrupted the installation process). When you install a host instance, you must have the privileges to create a Windows service, and to grant SQL Server logon and access rights for the BizTalk databases to the Host Windows user group.

    If you do not have sufficient Windows and SQL Server privileges, host instance installation fails.

  • Installed. You installed the host instance successfully.
  • Un-installation failed. Host instance deletion failed.
  • Not installed. There are no installed host instances.

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