BizTalk Server Administration Shortcut Keys

You can use shortcut keys to accomplish tasks in BizTalk Server Administration. The following table is a quick reference to the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) shortcut keys.

Ee274646.note(en-US,BTS.10).gif Note

  • Functionality that is not included in this list can be obtained by using the numeric keypad to move the mouse pointer with MouseKeys. For more information about MouseKeys in Windows 2000 Server and Advanced Server Help, see "Using the keyboard to move the mouse pointer." For more information about MouseKeys in Windows 2000 Professional Help, see "Move the mouse pointer by using MouseKeys."
F5Refresh BizTalk Server Administration.

This shortcut key refreshes the current item highlighted in the console tree.

ALT+F4Close BizTalk Server Administration.
ALT+MINUS SIGNDisplay the window menu for the active console window.
SHIFT+F10Display the Action menu for the selected item.
ALT+ADisplay the Action menu for the selected item.
ALT+VDisplay the View menu.
F1View online Help for the selected item.
ALT+ENTERDisplay the Properties dialog box, if any, for the selected item.

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