Planning for Custom Adapters

The following table lists some of the questions that you need to answer in planning for custom adapters.

Planning questionRecommendation
Why create a custom adapter?
  • To communicate with an external system, a system that may be proprietary, or a system unsupported by existing adapters.
  • To perform custom logic on incoming or outgoing messages. Custom logic can be implemented in the orchestration as well as in the adapter.
  • To communicate with an external system with a nonstandard communication pattern.
Do I need any additional software or tools to create an adapter?No. All you need is Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2003, and a Microsoft BizTalk® Server 2004 installation with the Development and Runtime Components. Be sure to install the SDK, which contains a sample file adapter that you can use as a template to create a custom adapter.
What decisions should I make before I start coding my custom adapter?Read about each of the adapter types and variations to determine which are appropriate for your situation. For more information about the different types of adapters, see About Adapter Variables.
Are there any adapter samples that I can study before creating my own adapter.Review the code samples in the Adapters folder of the BizTalk Server SDK. For more information, see Adapters (BizTalk Server Samples Folder).

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