Managing Business Activity Services

Business Activity Services (BAS) provides information workers with a simplified way to interact with trading partners and business processes. The BAS interface enables information workers to interact with business processes in a familiar Microsoft® Office environment.

The BAS environment consists of a Web site hosted in Microsoft Windows® SharePoint® Services and InfoPath™ templates. Windows SharePoint Services and InfoPath provide a common user interface for all of the services included in BAS.

BAS works with Microsoft Office to provide collaborative functionality to business users. BAS enables information workers to be proactively involved with business processes by providing a shared workspace that correlates business events and information and provides the tools for working with them.

Administering BAS includes:

  • Installing and configuring the Windows SharePoint Services collaboration site and Microsoft BizTalk® Server 2004
  • Associating a BizTalk host and a configuration database with BAS by creating a BizTalk registration
  • Running synchronization or repair tasks to synchronize data between the BAS database and the BizTalk Configuration or Windows SharePoint Services content databases

Additionally, administrators can use the BizTalk SEED wizards to create installation packages to send to partners for deployment into their BizTalk Server 2004 systems. For information about creating BizTalk SEED packages, see Deploying Partners with SEED.

This section contains the information an administrator needs to effectively manage BAS.

This section contains:

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