Backing Up Your Databases

You must follow the procedures explained in this section to ensure your ability to restore a consistent BizTalk environment in the event of data loss. Microsoft® BizTalk® Server performs distributed transactions across databases, so it is critical that you back up and then restore all databases to the exact same state.

BizTalk Server requires a customized backup process that uses full database backups and transaction log backups in conjunction with log marking and distributed transactions. For information about how this process works, see Marking Transactions, Full Backups, and Log Backups.

Note  BizTalk Server does not write tracking data directly to the BizTalk Tracking database; rather it caches the data in the MessageBox database and then moves it to the BizTalk Tracking database. In the event of a MessageBox data loss, some tracking data may be lost.

Important  It is recommended that you practice restoring your databases at least once a month. Do not wait until your hard disk crashes to see if you can restore your system and databases.

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