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Sample Programs for Data Queues

The source code for several sample programs that illustrate using the Microsoft® Data Queue ActiveX Control are included on the Microsoft® Host Integration Server 2000 CD-ROM and as part of the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Platform SDK. These sample programs are located in the \SDK\Samples\DataQueues subdirectory on the Host Integration Server 2000 CD-ROM. These files are copied to your hard drive during Host Integration Server software or Host Integration Client software installation when the Host Integration Server Software Development Kit option is selected. These samples are installed in the Samples\DataQueues subdirectory below where the Host Integration Server SDK software is installed (C:\Program Files\Host Integration Server SDK, by default).

When installed as part of the MSDN Platform SDK, these samples are located under the Samples\NetDS\HIS\DataQueues subdirectory below where the MSDN Platform SDK has been installed (C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDK, by default).

These sample programs include the files in the following subdirectories:

DQChatCA chat program written in Microsoft® Visual C++ that illustrates using the Data Queue ActiveX Control and AS/400 data queues.
DQChatBA chat program written in Microsoft Visual Basic that illustrates using the Data Queue ActiveX Control and AS/400 data queues.

The DQChatC sample is designed to be built using Microsoft® Visual C/C++ 6.0 or later using the command-line compiler or using the Microsoft® Visual Studio 6.0 or Microsoft® Visual Studio .NET interactive development environment (IDE). To build the DQChatC sample using the command-line compiler, set up your build environment as follows:

  • Run VCVARS32.bat (for VS6) or VSVARS32.bat (for VS.NET) from the Visual Studio bin directory(by default, C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Bin for VS6 or C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET\Common7\Tools for VS.NET))

To build the DQChatC sample, open an MS-DOS Command Prompt window, navigate to DataQueues\DQChatC subdirectory, and invoke NMAKE.

To build the DQChatC using the Visual Studio .NET IDE, start Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 7.0 and open the appropriate Visual C++ 7.0 project file (DataQueues\DQChatC\dqchatc.vcproj) from the File menu. Select a configuration and build the sample from the Build menu. Each VC7 project file has two configurations, one for a DEBUG build and one for a RETAIL build.

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