Encryption and Decryption

This sample walks through the process of setting up a secure document exchange between two trading partners. This sample demonstrates the use of digital certificates to:

  • Encrypt an outgoing document

  • Sign an outgoing document

  • Decrypt an incoming document

  • Verify the signature on an incoming document


To locate the sample files, browse to the following folder on the BizTalk Server installation drive:

\Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk Server\SDK\Messaging Samples\Encryption

User's Guide

To prepare and run the sample, follow these steps:

Programming Notes

The sample scenario simulates establishing secure communications between two organizations: Buyer and Home. These organizations can be considered as separate Web sites.

A flat-file purchase order, myPO.csv, is sent from Buyer to Home. Because the purchase order is considered sensitive, the information needs to be encrypted and signed by Buyer before it is transported. Encryption prevents documents from being viewed by unauthorized individuals. Signing ensures that a document is authentic and unaltered. Home decrypts, verifies, and transforms the purchase order as an XML document of decision factors.

This sample requires obtaining certificates for each organization to perform the encryption, decryption, and digital signature. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with certificates before using this sample.

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