Checklist: Basic Configuration

Visual Studio 2010

You can follow the steps in this checklist to install Visual Studio Team Foundation Server using the basic configuration.

The following table contains tasks and links. The links provide either procedural or conceptual information to help you perform the associated tasks. You should perform the tasks in order from top to bottom, without skipping any tasks.


Detailed instructions

Download the most recent version of the installation guide for Team Foundation. The most recent version contains the most up-to-date procedures.

Check for supported hardware and software. Verify that your operating system meets the requirements for Team Foundation Server. Verify that the hardware can run Team Foundation Server and all prerequisite server software. 

Before you install Team Foundation Server on Windows Server 2003, you must manually install Internet Information Services (IIS) if it is not already installed. For more information, see How to: Install Internet Information Services 6.0 for Team Foundation Server or Team Foundation Proxy


Detailed instructions

Install and configure Team Foundation Server. After you install Team Foundation Server, use the Team Foundation Server Configuration Tool to configure your deployment using the basic configuration.

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