Using the Listen Shape

Listen actions enable applications to wait for one of several messages on one or more ports, or to stop waiting after a specified time-out interval, and branch based upon the results.

The Listen shape (Listen shape) is used when an orchestration needs to wait for one of a number of events before proceeding. The first shape within a Listen branch must be either a Delay shape or a Receive shape. The first branch for which a condition is met (a delay is reached or a message is received) is followed. None of the other branches run.

You can add as many branches as you like. You can place any other shape below the initial Receive or Delay shape.

It is possible to use an activation receive in a Listen shape. If one branch of the Listen shape contains an activation receive, then all branches must contain activation receives, and no timeout can be used. The activation receive must be the first action in each branch.

To configure a Listen shape

You can use the Listen shape to branch orchestration flow based on the occurrence of one or more events. The first shape in each branch must be either a Delay or a Receive shape. The first branch that meets its condition—the occurrence of a time-out for a Delay shape or the receipt of a message for a Receive shape—will execute. You can add additional branches if needed.

  1. Select a branch.
  2. In the Properties window, specify the Branch Type property.


    Drag a Delay or Receive shape onto the branch.

To add a branch to a Listen shape

  • Right-click the Listen shape and then click New Listen Branch.

Note  To remove a branch from a Listen shape, right-click the branch you want to remove, and then click Delete.

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