Creating a Virtual Directory

After you have confirmed that IIS has been installed on your system, you must create a virtual directory for your tutorial application to use. A virtual directory is a tool used by IIS to consolidate and protect Web sites and other application that run over TCP/IP. Later in this tutorial, you will use the virtual directory to hold your CICS client application and to set Windows security protocols. In this step, however, you simply create the virtual directory with the Virtual Directory Creation Wizard, which you access through the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and IIS.

To create a virtual directory

  1. On the Desktop, right-click My Computer, then click on Manage.
  2. On the Computer Management console, expand Services and Applications, then expand Internet Information Services, right-click Default Web Site, point to New, and click on Virtual Directory.
  3. On the Virtual Directory Creation Wizard, click Next.
  4. Under Alias on the Virtual Directory Alias page, type Cedar Bank .NET Tutorial, then click Next.
  5. Under Directory on the Web Site Content Directory wizard page, type <installdir>\SDK\Samples\AppInt\WindowsInitiated\TI Host, then click Next.
  6. On the Access Permissions page, click Next.
  7. On the Windows Component Wizard page, click Finish. The wizard now creates a virtual directory for your application to use.

Now that you have created a virtual directory, you use the management console to check if you have ASP.NET enabled on your computer.

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