Command Line Parameters for the Configuration Framework

The Configuration Framework is a generic method providing fast and easy changes to configuration at setup. In conjunction with the Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI), the Configuration Framework determines the state of your computer and the configuration tasks requiring action.

When you configure BizTalk Server for the first time using the Configuration Wizard, the Configuration Framework generates an XML file (configuration snapshot) that you can then modify (change user names, passwords, and so on) and export to other computers. Save your configuration snapshot in the Configuration Summary page (a step within the Configuration Wizard process). You can use this snapshot to replicate your configuration as part of a scripted installation. For more information about using the Configuration Summary page, see Configuring BizTalk Server on a Local (Single) Computer.

Note  Passwords are not stored in the XML file. You must enter one before you use this file.

The following table describes the parameters you can run on the command line within the Configuration Framework. You can use these parameters to perform tasks like unconfiguring BizTalk Server features, silently installing BizTalk Server, and so on.

Important  These command line parameters do not work unless you have already installed and configured BizTalk Server and saved the XML file (configuration snapshot).

Command Line ParameterDescription
/uUn-configures all features.

Warning  You can delete BizTalk databases after you un-configure BizTalk Server features. Do not delete BizTalk Server databases before you run this command.

To re-configure BizTalk Server, you must first un-configure BizTalk Server using /u at the command prompt and then rerun configFramework.exe.

Note  If you want to delete BizTalk Server databases after you un-configure BizTalk Server features, it is recommended that you use the net stop winmgmt command to stop the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service, which may still be running.

/s <path to input config xml file>Silent configuration.

You must also pass the full path to the configuration XML that contains the features to install and configure. If /s is not passed, the tool runs in User Interface (UI) mode.

/?Shows the valid command line parameters.
/lSets the full path to the log file (optional).

The Using Command Line Parameters for a Custom Installation appear in the BizTalk Server Installation Guide. For more information, see

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