Name shapes

  1. In BizTalk Orchestration Designer, on a design page, right-click a shape and click Properties.

  2. In the Shape Properties dialog box, in the Name box, type a name.

Ee250328.note(en-US,BTS.10).gif Notes

  • The Name property of each shape contains a default value that is the name of the shape with a number appended to the name; for example, Action 1. You can replace the default value with a name of your choice.

  • You cannot name any of the following shapes: Abort, Begin, Decision, End, Fork, Join, and While.

  • You can name the following shapes: Action, Transaction, Port, Message, and Rule.

  • Shape names must meet certain naming conventions. The following conventions apply to transactions, ports, messages, rules, and fields:
    • The name must be a valid XML token name. For more information about XML tokens, go to the W3C Web site (

    • The name cannot begin with underscores (__).

    • The name cannot include colons (:).

    • The name length must be less than or equal to 32 characters.

    • Constant names and message names cannot begin with a numeric character.
  • Transaction names in single-byte character sets must be less than or equal to 16 characters in length. Transaction names in double-byte character sets must be less than or equal to 8 characters in length.

  • Actions are exempt from all naming conventions except the 32-character size limit.

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