Component Load Balancing

Component load balancing (CLB) is a feature of Microsoft Application Center 2000. To use CLB, Application Center 2000 must be installed on the same server as Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000. CLB enables organizations to load-balance the BizTalk.Interchange.1 component in the COM+ Services manager. CLB is a load-balancing mechanism for COM components. In a BizTalk Server environment, CLB provides the ability for an HTTP transport to use the Submit method to call a cluster of BizTalk Servers instead of to a single server (to the sending application, using the Submit method to call the cluster still appears as a submission to a node). A cluster is a collection of servers that act as a single server. For example, if you use a cluster of HTTP servers, a single submission can go to any of the three servers. Without CLB, the HTTP transport services must be configured to send to one of the three servers. In the latter scenario, if the server that an HTTP service was configured to send to failed, the HTTP transport service would need to be reconfigured to send to a different server in the BizTalk Server group.

Ee250228.important(en-US,BTS.10).gif Important

  • Do not replicate the default XLANG Scheduler application or any COM+ applications that host XLANG schedules. If component load balancing is used, these COM+ applications must be installed on each server. You can replicate COM components that are bound to XLANG schedules.