This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Scenario: Installing Team Foundation Server Proxy

Team Foundation Proxy

You can help save bandwidth by using Team Foundation Server Proxy to cache version control files for developers in a remote location. Management of version control files at both the remote and main site is transparent to developers who are working with the files.

You must install and configure the proxy server at the remote site. After you run the Team Foundation Server Proxy Configuration wizard, you must connect the proxy server to a deployment of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. You can configure the proxy server to cache files for all projects or only for team project collections that you specify. Before you can start to cache files at the remote site, you must add the service account for the proxy server to Team Foundation Server at the main site.

After the proxy server is connected to Team Foundation Server, you must configure the version control feature of Team Explorer to use the proxy server. Team Foundation Server Proxy caches only version control files. The proxy server does not cache reports or HTML pages from the project portal or Team Web Access.