Use sp_rename to rename duplicate index name

SQL Server 2014

Upgrade Advisor has detected duplicate table or view index names. Rename the indexes to remove duplicates before upgrading.

Database Engine

  1. Locate the duplicate indexes by executing the following query.

    FROM sysindexes as o  
        (SELECT name FROM sysindexes  as i  
          WHERE =  
          AND = and i.indid < o.indid);  
  2. Use sp_rename to change one of the index names. Because the index names are the same, you cannot determine which index will be renamed. This step allows you to differentiate the indexes.

    EXEC sp_rename N'table_name.index_name', N'new_index_name', N'INDEX'  
  3. Verify which index was renamed by executing the following query. This query returns all indexes (including key column names) on the specified table or view.

    SELECT AS IndexName, AS ColumnName, ik.colid, ik.keyno  
    FROM sysindexes i  
    JOIN sysindexkeys ik ON = and i.indid = ik.indid   
    JOIN syscolumns c ON = and ik.colid = c.colid  
    WHERE = OBJECT_ID('table_or_view_name')  
  4. If necessary, use sp_rename again to correct the index names.

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