2.2 Message Syntax

This extension follows the LDAP standard for message syntax, as specified in [RFC4511]. According to the LDAP standard, an attribute list can contain implementation-specific attributes. The attributes specific to this extension are listed in this section.

The following table lists every LDAP attribute for which the client can query. In many cases, more than one LDAP attribute corresponds to a single field in the table below because different server implementations of LDAP use different attribute names to represent similar concepts (fields). In those cases, the attributes listed first in the table take precedence over the attributes listed later. For example, for the Last Name field, the sn attribute takes precedence over the surname attribute. The client only needs to query for one attribute name in each field.

The client SHOULD implement the LDAP user schema, as specified in [RFC4519], the COSINE LDAP/X.500 schema, as specified in [RFC4524], the inetOrgPerson LDAP Object Class, as specified in [RFC2798], and the LDAP X.509 schema, as specified in [RFC4523]. The client SHOULD support the attributes that are listed in the following table.


LDAP attribute

Name attributes

Display Name

display-name (section

displayName (section

CN ([RFC4519])

commonName ([RFC4519])

Last Name

sn ([RFC4519])

surname ([RFC4519])

First Name

givenName ([RFC4519])


Initials ([RFC4519])

Organizational attributes

Company Name

organizationName ([RFC4519])

o<1> ([RFC4519])


Title ([RFC4519])

Organizational Unit

ou ([RFC4519])

organizationalUnitName ([RFC4519])

department (section

Office Location

physicalDeliveryOfficeName ([RFC4519])

roomNumber ([RFC4524])

Assistant Name

secretary ([RFC4524])


manager ([RFC4524])


directReports (section

reports (section

E-mail attributes

E-mail Address

mail ([RFC4524])

Exchange Distinguished Name

legacyExchangeDN (section


mailNickname (section

uid ([RFC4519])

X.400 Address

TextEncodedORaddress (section

Exchange Home Server

msExchHomeServerName (section

Proxy Addresses

proxyAddresses (section

otherMailbox (section

Physical address attributes


postalAddress ([RFC4519])

streetAddress ([RFC4519])

Locality / City

l ([RFC4519])


st ([RFC4519])

Postal Code

postalCode ([RFC4519])


c ([RFC4519])

Telephone attributes

Telephone Number

telephoneNumber ([RFC4519])

Secondary Phone Number

Telephone-Office2 (section

Fax Number

facsimileTelephoneNumber ([RFC4519])

Assistant Phone Number

Telephone-Assistant (section

Home Phone

homephone ([RFC4524])

Cell Phone

mobile ([RFC4524])

Pager Number

pager ([RFC4524])


info ([RFC4524])

Other attributes

User Certificate

userCertificate ([RFC4523])

S/MIME Certificate

userSMIMECertificate (section



Object Class

objectClass (section

Role Occupant

roleOccupant ([RFC4519])