Clearing Previous Responses

If the Meeting object is set to request responses (according to the PidTagResponseRequested property ([MS-OXOMSG] section, and a significant change, as specified in section, has been made, the client SHOULD clear all tallied responses that have been previously received from attendees. The client SHOULD NOT clear the tallied responses if a significant change has not been made or if the Meeting object is not set to request responses.<52>

To clear the tallied responses, the client sets the value of the PidTagRecipientTrackStatus property (section to "respNone" (0x00000000) in each RecipientRow structure, as specified in [MS-OXCDATA] section 2.8.3, of the Meeting object, as well as for any RecipientRow structures in the PidLidAppointmentUnsendableRecipients property (section and any recipients (2) listed in the PidLidNonSendToTrackStatus (section, PidLidNonSendCcTrackStatus (section, and PidLidNonSendBccTrackStatus (section properties. The client also can set the value of the PidTagRecipientTrackStatusTime property (section in each RecipientRow structure to an invalid date (for example, 12:18 A.M. 23 October 1602). Changing this value is not required.