2.2 Message Syntax

The following notations are used in this specification:

  • MetaTagCnset*. Refers to any of the following properties: MetaTagCnsetSeen (section, MetaTagCnsetSeenFAI (section, and MetaTagCnsetRead (section

  • RopFastTransferSourceCopy*. Refers to any of the following ROPs: RopFastTransferSourceCopyTo (section, RopFastTransferSourceCopyProperties (section, RopFastTransferSourceCopyMessages (section, and RopFastTransferSourceCopyFolder (section

  • RopSynchronizationImport*. Refers to any of the following ROPs: RopSynchronizationImportMessageChange (section, RopSynchronizationImportHierarchyChange (section, RopSynchronizationImportMessageMove (section, RopSynchronizationImportDeletes (section, and RopSynchronizationImportReadStateChanges (section

Section through section use property list restriction tables in the following format to describe restrictions on arrays of property values:






Fixed position


When the value of Restrictions column contains "Conditional", the Comments column is specifying the condition of existence. When the value of the Restrictions column does not contain "Conditional", the Comments column can contain comments about the property value.

< other properties >



Any property cannot exist in a property list restriction table more than once. All nonitalicized rows of the table represent a restriction that is imposed on the property identified in the Name column. For more information about all possible properties, see [MS-OXPROPS]. The Comments column contains free-form comments that amend the meaning of the Name and Restrictions columns. The Restrictions column specifies a subset of the following restrictions:

  • Optional [default]: The property can be present in the array.

  • Required: The property MUST be present in the array.

  • Fixed position: The position of the property within the array is fixed and MUST correspond to the position of the corresponding restriction in the property list restriction table.

  • Conditional: The presence of the property in the array is conditional. See the Comments column for conditions.

  • Prohibited: The property MUST NOT be present in the array. Italicized rows represent restrictions that apply to special sets of properties. The special set < other properties > represents all properties that are not mentioned in the property list restriction table explicitly.

  • No restrictions: There are no restrictions on the property in the array. The property does not have a fixed position in the array, and by default, the property’s presence is optional in the array.

All undefined bits in flag structures and undefined values of enumerations that are defined in this specification are reserved; clients MUST pass 0. Server behavior for undefined flags and enumeration values is defined in section 3.2.