2.2.8 Conversation Actions

Conversation actions are a limited set of actions that a user applies to all E-mail objects, currently in the message store or delivered in the future, that share the same value of the PidTagConversationId property ([MS-OXOMSG] section and thus are part of the same conversation. Unlike rules, as specified in [MS-OXORULE], at most one conversation action applies to any given E-mail object, and conversation actions can be automatically deleted after a period of disuse.

A conversation action is a combination of any of the following actions:

  • Ignore

  • Stop Ignoring

  • Move to Folder

  • Move to Store

  • Stop Move

  • Add Category

  • Remove Category

  • Clear All Categories

The client and server SHOULD<19> persist conversation action settings in an FAI message in the conversation actions settings special folder, as specified in [MS-OXOSFLD] section The relevant properties of a conversation action FAI message are enumerated in sections through