Getting Started (SharePoint Development in Visual Studio)


This section helps you start working with Visual Studio to develop SharePoint solutions that take advantage of Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.

For information about SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint add-ins, see SharePoint 2013 and Build SharePoint add-ins.

SharePoint offers a Web-based collaboration platform. Visual Studio provides many project templates for creating SharePoint sites and content, including list definitions, workflows, business data connectivity models, and site definitions. In addition, you can create extensions for the SharePoint projects and tools in Visual Studio.

Requirements for Developing SharePoint SolutionsLists software requirements to develop for SharePoint.
Additional Information for SharePoint ErrorsDescribes where to find help during SharePoint development and troubleshooting.
Developing SharePoint SolutionsDescribes SharePoint development in Visual Studio.
Creating Site Columns, Content Types, and Lists for SharePointDescribes how to create custom site columns, content types, and lists for SharePoint by using the Visual Studio tools for SharePoint development.
Creating SharePoint Workflow SolutionsDescribes workflow design and development.
Integrating Business Data into SharePointDescribes how to connect to Business Data Connectivity (BDC) models to integrate business data.
Creating Web Parts for SharePointDescribes Web parts and Web Part Pages, the building blocks of pages on a SharePoint site.
Creating Application Pages for SharePointDescribes how to design application pages by using a designer.
Creating Reusable Controls for Web Parts or Application PagesDescribes how to create custom, reusable controls for application pages and Web Parts in SharePoint.
Browsing SharePoint Connections Using Server ExplorerDescribes how to navigate through the components of a SharePoint site in a Visual Studio tool window.
Building and Debugging SharePoint SolutionsDescribes how to build and debug SharePoint solutions.
Packaging and Deploying SharePoint SolutionsDescribes how to package and deploy SharePoint solutions.
Extending the SharePoint Tools in Visual StudioDescribes how to extend the SharePoint tools to create the features that you need.

Developing SharePoint Solutions
Browsing SharePoint Connections Using Server Explorer
Building and Debugging SharePoint Solutions
Packaging and Deploying SharePoint Solutions