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Windows Mobile 6.5

This function specifies the Window Auto Gesture configuration settings for the provided window handle. Window Auto Gesture enables the content in a window to scroll automatically in response to flick and pan gestures.

To automatically handle gesture scrolling, WS_VSCROLL or WS_HSCROLL (or both) styles must be included in the target window with scroll ranges that are set correctly.

BOOL TKSetWindowAutoGesture(
    HWND hWnd, 
    LPWAGINFO lpAutoGestureInfo


[in] The handle of the target window.


[in] A pointer to the WAGINFO struct that contains the new automatic gesture handling settings for the target window.

Returns TRUE if successful, or FALSE in the event of an error. To get extended error information, call GetLastError.

The scroll styles for the target window must be set before you can use TKSetWindowAutoGesture or TKGetWindowAutoGesture.

You must include WAGIF_OWNERANIMATE in lpAutoGestureInfo's dwflags member.


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