Service Connection Point Object Syntax

Using the formal syntax definition of the LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF), as specified in [RFC2849], a service connection point object can be expressed as the following.

 DN: <distinguishedName>
 Objectcategory: serviceConnectionPoint
 ChangeType: add
 serviceBindingInformation: <serviceBindingInformationValue>
 Keywords: <KeywordsValue>
 [Keywords: <KeywordsValue>]

That is, a service connection point object MUST have a distinguishedName attribute, one or more KeywordsValue attributes, and one serviceBindingInformationValue attribute.

A distinguishedName attribute is a multipart name that uniquely identifies a node in a tree-structured directory database.

The KeywordsValue attribute is specified in section

The serviceBindingInformationValue attribute is the URI that is needed to bind to a service.