2.2.1 IMAP4 NTLM Extension Messages

The IMAP4 NTLM extension extends both the IMAP4 AUTHENTICATE command requests and responses and the IMAP4 CAPABILITY command responses. The AUTHENTICATE command extensibility framework is specified in [RFC1731].

Message syntax is shown in Augmented Backus-Naur Form (ABNF), as specified in [RFC5234]. The ABNF rules specified here extend the ABNF rules specified in [RFC3501] section 9. All human readable strings are arbitrary and do not affect protocol functionality.

 IMAP4_AUTHENTICATE_NTLM_Supported_Response    = "+" CRLF
 IMAP4_AUTHENTICATE_NTLM_Unsupported_Response  = tag "BAD" text CRLF
 IMAP4_AUTHENTICATE_NTLM_Cancellation_Command  = "*" SP CRLF
 IMAP4_AUTHENTICATE_NTLM_Cancelled_Response    = tag "NO The AUTH protocol exchange was
                                                 canceled by the client." CRLF
 IMAP4_AUTHENTICATE_NTLM_Blob_Command          = base64-encoded-NTLM-Message CRLF
 IMAP4_AUTHENTICATE_NTLM_Blob_Response         = "+" SP base64-encoded-NTLM-Message CRLF
 IMAP4_AUTHENTICATE_NTLM_Succeeded_Response    = tag OK "AUTHENTICATE completed." CRLF
 IMAP4_AUTHENTICATE_NTLM_Fail_Response         = tag "NO" text CRLF