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2.12.11 CommentRestriction Structure

2.12.11 CommentRestriction Structure




TaggedValues (variable)



Restriction (optional) (variable)


RestrictType (1 byte): An unsigned integer. This value indicates the type of restriction (2) and MUST be set to 0x0A.

TaggedValuesCount (1 byte): An unsigned integer. This value specifies how many TaggedValue structures are present in the TaggedValues field.

TaggedValues (variable): An array of TaggedPropertyValue structures, as specified in section 2.11.4. This field MUST contain the number of structures indicated by the value of the TaggedValuesCount field. The TaggedPropertyValue structures MUST NOT include any multivalue properties.

RestrictionPresent (1 byte): An unsigned integer. This field MUST contain either TRUE (0x01) or FALSE (0x00). A TRUE value means that the Restriction field is present, whereas a FALSE value indicates that the Restriction field is not present.

Restriction (optional) (variable): A Restriction structure. This field is present only if RestrictionPresent is TRUE.

Clients can use a CommentRestriction structure to save associated comments together with a restriction (2) that they pertain to. The comments are formatted as an arbitrary array of TaggedPropValue structures, and servers MUST store and retrieve this information for the client. If the Restriction field is present, servers MUST evaluate it; if it is not present, the CommentRestriction node will effectively evaluate as TRUE. In either case, the comments have no effect on the evaluation of the restriction (2).

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